Ampersand is the joint theatre company of St. Catherine's and St. Christopher's schools.


Presence of Presents
Directed by Schuyler Guare∆ and Jim Astrove & Stage Managed by Lucy Farrell

Kate Oelkers, Darren Badley, Livvy Plageman, Liddy Wade, Molly Bowers

When Marley arrives at the door, Dylan seems to be ready for him and the three visitors who arrive next, much to each other's vexation. Will a Magic 8 Ball decide the future? "Reply Hazy, Try Again"


Directed by Rusty Wilson∆ & Stage Managed by Schuyler Guare

Ian Garrabrant, Spencer Cox, Caroline Miles, Madi Haine, Hannah Love Jennison, Jamie Newton, Cameron Lovings

What happens when a random group of young people find themselves trapped in a game of Twister, in an unidentifiable holding space, proctored by two rather unpleasant and ageless sisters? Perhaps a good look in the mirror will help each of them come to a new understanding of what it means to be a better person in the world. Welcome to Purgatory!


People In The Wind
Directed by Leigh Glatt & Stage Managed by Ann Tarry

Hannah Jennison, Emily McDermott, Kate Oelkers, Spencer Cox, Sarah Wells, Liddy Wade, Darren Badley, Zane Buono

The prototype for Bus Stop, a 1956 hit Hollywood film starring Marilyn Monroe, People in the Wind explores eight varied and interesting characters in the roadside diner of a rural Kansas town. One of Inge's most powerful and poetic ensemble pieces revealing the pained yearning for love and self-fulfillment in all of us.


Emotional Baggage
Directed by Sarah Wells & Stage Managed by Julia Murillo

Livvy Plageman, Darren Badley, Ian Garrabrant, Haley Robb∆, Cammie Varner, Caroline Lynch, Hannah Jennison, Kate Oelkers

Emotional Baggage is unique in that it has no dialogue. The characters each have a piece of baggage that they cannot get rid of and they display their emotions and struggles through movement. They each have learned to get through their lives with their Baggage until someone new comes along and changes everything.


The Lives of Great Waitresses
Directed by Maury Hancock∆ & Stage Managed by Emily Asare

Ari Aganbi, Madi Haine, Caroline Miles, Emily McDermott

Four waitresses, each with her own quirk, each with her own story, each with her own way of being the greatest.

The Actor's Nightmare
Directed by JD Jump∆ & Stage Managed by Betty Wolde

Tate Lifson, Cammie Varner, Madeleine Dugan, Haley Robb∆, Ian Garrabrant

George Spelvin is an accountant who appears backstage not knowing how he got there. He soon discovers that he is set to perform for an actor who has been in a car accident. Before he knows it, George is on stage trying to fake his way through four vastly different plays. As things progress, he struggles not to lose his head.  Will he succeed?

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