Ampersand is the joint theatre company of St. Catherine's and St. Christopher's schools.


Winter One Acts 2019

One Acts

The Cask of Amontillado

Directed by: Cameron Lovings

Stage Manager: Isabella Reich

Fortunato: Baylor Fuller

Gina: Amelia Urban

Montresor: Joshua Vanichkachorn


Directed by: Jim Astrove

Stage Manager: Ivy Sharp

Alethia: Izzy Scozzaro

Barbara: Sarah Clay Wright

Max: David Millman

Weird Cedric: Harrison Rhodes

Rolfe: Eric Czaja

The Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage

Directed by: Lucy Farrell and Emmy Jankowski

Stage Manager: Sophie Levengood

Inspector Dexter: Caroline Lynch

Reverend Roger: Charlie Whitlock

Mona: Susanna Plageman

Sarah: Kelsey O’Brien

Jeremy: Jack Ireland

Dinner Party with Disaster

Directed by: Virginia Nelson

Stage Manager: Ava Mckinney

Eris: Caroline Lynch

Joana: Eleanor Robb

Willow: Evie Wheery

Taylor: Madison Gardner

The Anniversary

Directed by: Tate Lifson and Parker Krey

Stage Managers: Jamie Newton and Drew Brown

Doris: Caroline Lynch

Marge: Liddy Wade

Second Chances

Directed by: Darren Badley

Stage Manager: Eliza Smack

Axil: Jack Ireland

Blaire: Laney Yoo

Farrest: Charlie Cox

Daisy: Madison Gardner

Susie: Caroline Miles

It’s Not You

Directed by: Lillian Turner

Stage Manager: Charlie Whitlock

Natalie: Elliott Durham

Terry: Keely Seward

Amber: Virginia Nelson

John: Killian Winn

Sure Thing

Directed by: JD Jump

Stage Manager: Caroline Miles

Bill: Gaines Weis

Betty: Tess Delice


Directed by: Rusty Wilson

Performed by: Hollis Cobb