Ampersand is the joint theatre company of St. Catherine's and St. Christopher's schools.


The Winter One ActS


Professor Know-It-All by Jim Astrove

Phoebe is ever fearful. Can a frantic Frances, an anxious Antoinette, a mindful Mindy and a hopeful Hope ease her fears? Only Professor Know It All knows for sure. Or does she?

Directed by Jim Astrove & Stage Managed by Emily Asare

Caroline Miles• as Phoebe 

Keely Seward as Frances



21 Chump Street by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Inspired by a valentine’s day episode of NPR’s “This American Life,” Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote this 14-minute musical which catalogs the journey of a high school honors student who tries to win the heart of a cute transfer girl. However, his attempt at finding love leads to his unfortunate downfall.   

Directed by Frances Doyle & Stage Managed by Julia Murillo•

Spencer Cox• as the Narrator 

Darren Badley•∆ as Justin 

Madi Haine as Naomi 

Kelsey O'Brien, Charlie Whitlock•, Grayson Walsh, Caroline Lynch•∆ as Cop/lawyer/cousins/boys

Words Words Words by David Ives

Will three chimpanzees be able to produce Shakespeare’s timeless play Hamlet when left together in a cage hitting random keys on a typewriter? That is the question Dr. Rosenbaum is trying to figure out in this comical one act.      


Directed by JD Jump•∆ & Stage Managed by Madeleine  Dugan•∆

Amelia Urban• as Milton 

Tate Lifson•∆ as Swift 

Sarah Clay Wright• as Kafka


A Marriage Proposal by Anton Chekhov

Set at the turn of the century, this one act by Anton Chekhov portrays the nervousness and stress of marriage and engagement in an exaggerated, funny way, encouraging the audience to think of the hilarity and absurdity that exists within their own lives at some moments.

Directed by Cameron Loving•∆ & Stage Managed by Darren Badley•∆


Grayson Walsh as Chubukov 

Kelsey O'Brien as Natalia 

David Millman• as Lomov 

Crafty by by Paul Rudnick

In this one-woman show, Barbara Ellen, a Midwestern craftswoman and competitive cake-decorator, enthusiastically shares her love of crafts and her memories of her late son with the audience.

Directed by Elizabeth Clinard & Stage Managed by Lucy Farrell• 

Emily McDermott• as Barbara Ellen


Untitled by Virginia Nelson

Friendship. Betrayal. What happens when you are haunted by a secret that never should’ve seen the light of day?

Directed by Maury Hancock•∆ & Stage Managed by Emily McDermott• 

Keely Seward as Eva 

Caroline Miles• as Claire  

Liddy Wade• as Jamie

Canker Sores and Other Distractions by Christopher Durang

An unexpected meeting between a divorced couple results in their attempted reconciliation over a nice meal. However, a string of petty distractions, including one very lackluster waiter, may derail their plans. 

Directed by  Ann Tarry•∆ and Betty Wolde•∆ & Stage Managed Emmy Jankowski

Grayson Walsh as Martin 

Virginia Nelson as Prunella 

Tate Lifson•∆ as Midge

The Most Massive Woman Wins  by Madeleine George

Four women, ages 17-31, retrace the winding paths that lead them to their current location: a liposuction clinic. Their individual testimonies and shared experiences reveal deep truths about the way body image affects our lives. Contains some content addressing self-harm and using profanity.    

Directed by Maury Hancock•∆, Stage Managed by Elizabeth Fix & Choreographed by Sarah Clay Wright•

Madi Haine• as Carly 

Cammie Varner• as Cel 

Caroline Lynch•∆ as Sabine 

Susanna Plageman as Rennie